Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stock Update
More Doiley Dies Arrived in Store....

We received another shipment of these gorgeous "Doilley Dies". Some newbies & some re stocks.
These are just so lovely & they cut really precise. The technology has obviously improved of late.
It is so great to be able to cut your own Doilies in whatever colour you choose.
Remember how anything fine never used to cut properly, well that is now a thing of the past.

Don't you just love these gorgeous Leaf Sets (they come as a pair), 
also these MINI Butterflies (these come with 3 different ones in a pack)
as well we got some Christmas Bells & some Holly Flourish Corners.
Also got top up stock of the "Metal Shim Plates" these are so great to use with any dies. They give you a perfect cut every time.

Stay tuned, more on the way.
Until next time.
Cheers Di xo
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  1. Hello Di,

    Wow, you are certainly having some enticing stock 'top-ups'. I think I feel another little trip to The Entrance coming on...

    Thank you for your kind comment.

    Jennifer. x

  2. This is such a clever way of showing what the result of cutting with the dies is! Love the two bigger ones on the far left, what are they please? Mwah!