Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NEW RELEASE 'Green Tara' Flowers
Arrived in Store

Hello everyone. Thought I had better show you all some of the 
NEW release "Green Tara" Fabric Flowers that
arrived in store.
Ooooooh these are so nice!!!

First up we have these "Lollipop" Satin Fabric flowers. I wasn't sure
 what I thought of these when I first saw the picture, but when I 
opened the box & saw them in real life,
I loooooove them.
Great for when you don't necessarily want too much or
perhaps on a real modern layout or even
for a boy layout.

Next up we have these gorgeous "Pearl Flowers".
These are not as big as they look in this pic, about 4.5 cm.
Beautiful colours too.

These ones are the "Primula Flowers". Again smaller than they look
 here. Probably about 4.5 to 5 cm.
So soft & pretty.

These ones are "Satin Rosettes", great colours & size is about
5cm diameter & they have a cute little pearl in the middle.

These are DEVINE They are called "Wild Roses".
They are a silk like material with a Diamante type of centre.
So beautiful.

Lastly we have these yummy Christmas Vines which
come in three colours. I will definitely be twisting & 
curling those stems. My brain is ticking over with
these on a Chrissy page already!!!

Well thats all the NEW Green Tara flowers.

Remember we carry a massive range 
of Green Tara flowers etc at our shop
at The Entrance.

We also have recieved loads more stock in today but I have ran
out of time, so stay tuned for more photos & updates.
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  1. Love the Christmas Vines and the wild roses.

  2. yummo !!!!! I will be writing a list xoxox

  3. Wow!!! For some reason looking at all this has made me feel hungry...weird I know.