Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"So Cheeky" by Di Garling

I just thought I would show you this page I did  for a challenge a while back. I was never happy with it so I pulled it apart, changed the background, took away a few things, added a few things, & now I am finally happy with it. I seem to be doing this lately. I suppose this is because we keep raising our own bar!!! Hope you like it.
All the products used here can be purchased in my shop. Until next time. Thanks for stopping by.
Cheers Di xx

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  1. YEAH! I can TOTALLY Relate....
    I'll finish off a Layout & if I'm not Totally HAPPY with it!!! I'll Sit it on a Stand & come back to it a Day or 2..
    See what I think of it then!!!
    Sometimes add a thing here & there.....
    just or leave it!!!!
    BUT! I have to say LooooooVing this Di....
    The colors, The Chippie up in the Corner & the Chicken wire on the background all look FAB!!!

  2. teehee I am known to pull apart layouts too!! love the misting in the background!