Monday, September 24, 2012

Stock Update
NEW Green Tara Goodness

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by.
Today we received a big order of gorgeous
Green Tara flowers.

They have lots of new colours in their range.

So guess what I have been doing all afternoon?
Yes you guessed it. I have been making up these
fabulous "Concept Packs".

These Concept Packs were originally my idea.
I thought it was a great way for our customers to purchase
flowers. I have actually "concepted" them for you.
Over at Green Tara they are just sooo busy they only have time to
make these in a limited range.
So I just put these together myself.
They have a little bit of this & a little bit of that in them.
I'm sure you get the idea!!!

We have also received stock of the NEW colours of the  "Heirloom"
flowers & they now have them in Minis  too.
Loooove these. So nice.

Why don't you pop over to the Green Tara blog,
click HERE.
The NEW Design Team officially starts on 1st October & there
is some very talented girls on the team,
so the blog is always full of great ideas.
Well worth "bookmarking" this one.

Well that all for today.  Stay tuned.
Cheers Di  xo

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  1. Hi Di. I just love the concept packs - all the mixing and matching is already done for you and all you have to do is come up with the layout idea. Brilliant. And those Heirloom mini's are adorable.

  2. Sorry I have been a bit behind with my comments lately, Di...thank you for yours.

    The concept packs are a great idea.

    The recent post with that adorable little cutie (Timeless Beauty) is one stunning creation! I totally LOVE it!.

    Jennifer. x

  3. Love the new look for your shop blog...looks really good!!!

  4. The blog looks really great - love it!!!!!

  5. So many new things to look at here Di! your blog make-over and all the delicious products pouring in! My oh my! you are busy! Mwah!